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Start Your Own Computer Center Franchise with Emax India

Why Choose a Computer Center Franchise?

Start Your Own Computer Center Franchise
Start Your Own Computer Center Franchise

If you’re considering starting a business in Haryana, a computer center franchise could be an excellent choice. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Growing demand for IT services: With the increasing importance of technology in all aspects of business and daily life, there is a growing demand for IT services in Haryana. As a computer center franchisee, you’ll be in a prime position to tap into this demand and offer high-quality IT services to individuals and businesses in the region.
  • Established brand and support: Starting a business from scratch can be a daunting task, but with a computer center franchise from E-Max India, you’ll benefit from an established brand and the support of an experienced team. E-Max India has a proven track record of success in the IT industry, and they’ll provide you with everything you need to get your franchise up and running.
  • Low startup costs: Compared to other types of businesses, a computer center franchise has relatively low startup costs. You won’t need to invest in expensive equipment or hire a large team of employees, and you’ll benefit from the economies of scale that come with being part of a larger organization.

How to Start a Computer Center Franchise

If you’re interested in starting a computer center franchise in Haryana, here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

Step 1: Contact E-Max India

The first step is to contact E-Max India and express your interest in becoming a franchisee. They’ll provide you with all the information you need about the franchise, including the startup costs, training and support, and the terms of the franchise agreement.

Step 2: Location Selection

The next step is to select a location for your computer center franchise. E-Max India will provide you with guidance on the best location based on your budget and the local market conditions.

Step 3: Legal Formalities

Once you’ve selected a location, you’ll need to complete the legal formalities required to start your franchise. This will include obtaining any necessary licenses and registrations, as well as signing the franchise agreement with E-Max India.

Step 4: Setup and Training

After completing the legal formalities, E-Max India will provide you with all the support and training you need to set up your computer center franchise. They’ll help you with everything from selecting and installing equipment to hiring and training staff.

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Benefits of Owning a Computer Center Franchise

There are many benefits to owning a computer center franchise, including:

  • High earning potential: With the growing demand for IT services, a computer center franchise has high earning potential. You’ll be able to offer a range of services, including computer repair, software installation, and data recovery, and charge competitive rates for your services, Dca, Adca many more.
  • Low risk: Because you’ll be part of an established brand with a proven track record of success, a computer center franchise has relatively low risk compared to starting a business from scratch.

Benefit of EMAX INDIA Franchise

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  • You can use the brand name of E-MAX INDIA with your training center & Adv. How to Open Computer training institute
  • No.1 Education Brand in India
  • Govt recognized 6500+ courses.
  • Certificates and mark sheets are eligible for private and government jobs, as per job notification/subjected to vacancy.
  • Your training center will become an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 29990:2010 & ISO 21001:2018 Quality Management System Certification Certified Center.
  • Free Fees management Software
  • Very Small Start-Up Capital (Existing or Minimum Infrastructure.)
  • Courses in various Sectors, ESIW, Computer – Marketing, IT, Management, Banking, etc.
  •  Independent marketing and promotional activities.
  • Free Website : (Student login, Student Verification, Teacher Login, Center Login, E Book, Fees Management, LIVE CLASS, Recoded Class, Staff Management, whatsapp Chat, Online Admission Form Etc)
  • Legal Support
  • Chance to become No.1 Institute of your area
  • EMAX will provide a range of Short-Term Skill Development Courses in Computers, IT, Management, Marketing.
  • EMAX will provide Syllabus for the EMAX Certified range of Short-Term Skill Development Courses in Computers, IT, Management, Marketing.

Benefits for Students (E-MAX Computer Education Franchise)

  • E-MAX will conduct the examinations of students on completion of course, online / offline exam facility is available.
  • E-MAX will provide Certificates and Mark sheets to all Successful students, through Study Center (Hard Copy)
  • Android app in Play Store (Mobile App)
  • Online Demo practice for UNLIMTED times
  • Instant verification of a Certificate. (Online Verification/QRO Verification/Email Verification/Offline Verification/ Physical verification
  • Students Database Software.
  • Student’s ID Card.
  • Student Admit Card
  • Online Student Id (For life Time)
  • Free Ebook (Multi Language/ 108 Language)
  • Online Student’s Admission Form. (By sharing it on Facebook,Whatsapp, Insta, Youtube etc you can take online admission.)

Minimum Requirement for Start the Franchise

Requirement of Infrastructure

  • Classroom
  • Computer/Laptop
  • Computer Tables
  • Parking Area

Requirement of Staff

  • Trainer/Teacher with Minimum Qualification 12 Month Diploma in Relevant Field

Franchise Fees/ Franchise Cost /  Investment for starting Computer Institute

Detail Village City metro
Infrastructure  with Working Capital 50000/- to 150000/- 150000/- to 250000/- 250000/- to 500000/-
Franchise Cost 00.00 RS 00.00 Rs 00.00 Rs

Franchise Revanue

  • Royalty: 0
  •  Commission: 0
  • Earning: 50000-250000/- Rs / month

Franchise ROI -Return on Invetment

6 Months to 12 Months

The Success Rate of Computer Education Franchises

According to a recent study, the success rate of franchises is significantly higher than that of independent businesses. The study found that the five-year success rate of franchises is around 90%, while the success rate of independent businesses is only around 15%. By owning a computer education franchise in Haryana from E-Max India, you can increase your chances of success and profitability. Support and Training from E-Max India.


The company offers:

  1. Site selection and setup assistance
  2. Training on curriculum development and teaching methodologies
  3. Ongoing support and guidance from experienced professionals
  4. Marketing and advertising support to help you reach your target audience
  5. Regular updates and upgrades to the curriculum and teaching materials

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why Choose a Computer Education Franchise?
  • What is procedure to Open Computer Center?
  • How to start computer center?
  • What is process for Computer Institute Affiliation?

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